Bericht: „Bibliotheken können ruhig Print-Journale entsorgen“


[via liblicense-l]

What to Withdraw: Print Collections Management in the Wake of Digitization, a new report released today from Ithaka S+R, the strategy and research arm of the not-for-profit organization ITHAKA (, analyzes which types of journals can be withdrawn responsibly today and how that set of materials can be expanded to allow libraries the maximum possible flexibility and savings in the future. „Our analysis indicates that libraries today can safely de-accession certain print holdings that are adequately preserved in digital and print form elsewhere.“

Based on this analysis, the report concludes that certain print journal backfile sets are well enough digitized and contain few enough images that there is likely to be virtually no demand for them by users, and are sufficiently well preserved digitally and in print repositories that libraries can responsibly withdraw their own print holdings.

Andere Zeitschriften hingegen bedürfen einer sorgsameren Behandlung, basiernd auf einer besseren Zusammenarbeit zwischen Bibliotheken und Digitalisierern als bisher.