Zu Sidewiki: User-generated content that cannot be controlled

Jetzt trudeln die Blogkommentare so langsam ein. Sidewiki (Google Sidewiki – Wer hat die Informationshoheit?) ist nicht nur

user-generated content that cannot be controlled

(Google’s Sidewiki – Game-changer for Pharma Social Media?)

das war UGC nie, sondern vielmehr und darüber hinaus: user-generated content on your website that cannot be controlled!

If your organization has a website, you probably want to brace yourself for a bitch slap: whatever “control” you thought you had about your message is clearly gone. Controlling your response (and being ahead of the game by being the best at what you do) is about all you have.

(Google SideWiki: How to Brace Yourself for a Communications Bitch Slap)