Geneva Declaration on the Future of the WIPO

Die IFLA hat zusammen mit einer Gruppe von Organisationen an einer Deklaration über die Zukunft der WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) gearbeitet, die nun – kurz vor der Vollversammlung der WIPO – im Internet veröffentlicht wurde. Die IFLA ist sehr besorgt, dass More restrictive intellectual property laws, technological protection mechanisms and digital locking-up devices, as well as the overriding of permitted ‚fair use‘ applications by contractual enforcement, have created serious barriers to accessing information and promoting research and innovation. IFLA is particularly concerned that the legitimate professional activities of libraries are being seriously hampered in the process.

Im Text der Deklaration finden wir: Technological measures designed to enforce intellectual property rights in digital environments threaten core exceptions in copyright laws for disabled persons, libraries, educators, authors and consumers, and undermine privacy and freedom. [via EAHIL-L]