Elsevier is supporting Libraries in a challenging economy?

In Supporting Libraries In a Challenging Economy erklärt Roy Jakobs, Director Academic and Government Sales and Marketing, Elsevier, mit langen Worten, warum sie ihre Preise nicht einfrieren, kurz gesagt: Weil es nicht allen dreckig geht.

And this year, we have taken even more internal measures to cut our own costs and further increase efficiencies. For example, Elsevier has frozen the salaries of its senior management and is scrutinizing all hiring. While ensuring that customers continue to receive the highest quality service, Elsevier has put restrictions on non-customer-facing travel.

The situation today: What will Elsevier do to help customers through the economic crisis?

The current economic downturn clearly affects the science and health communities that Elsevier serves. We believe in working with our customers to weather the crisis and continue access to information resources that are essential to research and education and to advancing science, health and economic growth. But as I mentioned earlier, the economic crisis has not impacted every institution in the same way, which means there is no single solution. This is why on two fronts Elsevier will continue to do the following:

1. Moderate its price changes in 2010: some journals will decrease in cost and others will increase. Each institution will see a different overall impact, depending on its particular mix of titles and contracted spend commitments.

2. This coming year, Elsevier will work with institutions individually to find solutions for academic customers whose budgets are suffering from the current economic crisis.

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