Neues von der MLA-Konferenz auf Hawaii

So langsam trudeln die News von der Jahrestagung der MLA in … Honolulu … auf … Hawaii … ein (was mache ich noch hier in der westfälischen Provinz!?). Hier einige ausgewählte Beiträge des offiziellen Konferenz-Blogs:

Design Changes Ahead for PubMed, MedlinePlus

  • NLM has been saying for several months now that PubMed’s tabs (Limits, History, etc.) will be going away “soon.” Late summer is the current best estimate.
  • the changes that were presented to us today affect only the look, not the functionality, of PubMed
  • Abstract and Abstract plus will merge

Quotable phrases from Michael Homan’s Doe Lecture

  • Michael Homan discussed the role of librarians as mediators, utilizing Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” piano composition as an analogy for his experiences.
  • Librarian is a knowledge coach
  • Librarian is an expert intermediary
  • Librarian is a quality filter
  • Librarians play a major role in linking information and knowledge to important clinical, science and business decisions
  • Librarians link knowledge and decision making

Section Program on Top Technological Trends

  • Licensing agreements for common wikis, blogs, and social networking sites are desastrous regarding the rights the users even if they’re deleting their accounts.

Donna Flake suggested setting Links to Library resources in the EMR (Elektronische Patientenakte). Danach stieg die Nutzung stark an (Ärzte vergessen oft ihre Passwörter und EMR ist eine sowieso abgesicherte Umgebung)