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Paul Duguid weist in Inheritance and loss? A brief survey of Google Books (First Monday Vol 12, Nr.8 – 6. Aug. 2007) auf die mangelnde Qualität von Google Books hin. In Anbetracht der begründeten Vermutung, dass es kein Digitalisierungsprojekt dieser Größe mehr geben und somit Google Books die „Default Library of the Future“ darstellen wird, ist eine hohe Qualität jedoch nicht ganz unwichtig.

(von Google eingescannte Seite aus Laurence Sterne’s The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

Google Books Library Project is not only vast, it is also mysteriously shrouded. Unlike the conventional library, Google’s provides no catalog and does not even reveal how many books it contains. […] The Project merits questioning because it brings together a company with a justifiably high reputation for data collection and mining and a growing number of institutions again justifiably respected for their collections [5]. In so doing, the Google Project has, however unintentionally, made not only conventional libraries themselves, but other projects digitizing cultural artifacts appear inept or inadequate.

Neben den Scannerproblemen gibt es weitere Fehler:

Like the Harvard edition, which ignored Sterne’s black page, the Stanford work not only ignores Sterne’s divisions, but introduces new ones of its own.

Duguid schließt:

Even with some of the best search and scanning technology in the world behind you, it is unwise to ignore the bookish character of books.

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