Schwerter zu Pflugscharen, Bibliotheksetat zu Open Access

Im Nachgang zu der BiomedCentral-Kündigung durch Yale und der Antwort vom BiomedCentral-Chef Cockerill bin ich auf ein richtungsweisendes Projekt der University of Nottingham aufmerksam geworden (Fettdruck durch mich):

Stephen Pinfield, Chief Information Officer, University of Nottingham, who discussed how libraries and research administration can and should work together to set up central funds and processes for open access publishing. Stephen announced that Nottingham University has set up a central fund for any author to apply for when publishing in open access journals. This fund covers all Nottingham University authors, no matter who they are funded by, and in its first year is set at £20,000 from FEC income. The fund is expected to grow significantly in future years. Their library’s periodicals budget is currently £2.7 million so, as open access publishing grows to account for a larger fraction of all publications, it is likely that the money from this subscription budget will also be transferred to supplement the open access publishing fund.