MLA-Umfrage zur Einrichtung von Blogs und Wikis

Wie vom neuen MLA Board-Mitglied T.Scott Plutchak angekündigt, möchte man Social Software Tools zur Kommunikation mit den Mitgliedern benutzen. Das scheint nun Formen anzunehmen, wie der aktuellen Newsletter MLA-Focus zeigt. Der Präsident Mark E. Funk hat seit vorgestern einen eigenen Blog und damit sol es nicht bleiben:

MLA’s Task Force on Social Networking Software is charged with investigating issues surrounding the implementation of blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, and other social networking tools for MLA and its units. This includes creating guidelines for technologies and ways MLA members and units can best use them. Using Web 2.0 services, the association has the potential to engage MLA members in new ways for MLA business, knowledge sharing, and collegial connections. The task force would like to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to fill out a short survey. We will review the data carefully and base our recommendations on what MLA members tell us about their social networking needs. The online survey should only take a few minutes to completeplease respond by August 10, 2007.