Elsevier’s US lobbying during 2006

Thanks Peter Suber: William Walsh has a detailed summary of Elsevier’s lobbying activity in the US during 2006.  His summary is based on a report from the Center for Public Integrity, using data from the Senate Office of Public Records.

Bottom line:  in 2006, Elsevier spent $2.84 million on lobbying Congress.  That’s less than it spent in 2005 but still its second-highest total ever.  The company’s US lobbying budget increased 610% from 1998 to 2006.  Among the many bills on which Elsevier lobbied, presumably for amendment or defeat, was FRPAA and the two Labor/HHS appropriations bills (House and Senate) that would have strengthened the NIH policy from a request to a requirement. 

Peter Suber schließt mit einem PS, dass auch Open Access Gruppen Lobbying betreiben. Ich weiß nur nicht, ob die auch 3 Mio. dafür hinlegen…