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MedStory – Intelligent Search for Health & Medicine

„Medstory's mission is to enable users to search complex fields on
the Web intelligently. We're starting with health and medicine – an
area where many people will appreciate a service that helps them
quickly get high value information, and a field where we have expertise
based on our work with health-related organizations.

us, providing intelligent search means supporting an understanding of
both a user's intent behind a search and the results that are
delivered. For a field like health and medicine, we believe that search
engines should deliver more to users than just a list of Web pages. Our
approach is to try to synthesize the meaning of every user search in
the context of health and medicine, and then share this knowledge with
the user to help refine and guide their search.

What we offer is not limited to high-level categorizations or
popular URLs – it's presented with granularity not otherwise available
on the Web today. Our goal is to enable a productive interaction for
every search in health and medicine.