Taylor & Francis announce iOpenAccess

Taylor & Francis announced the introduction of an „iOpenAccess“ option for authors publishing in all journals from T&F and Informa Healthcare. From October 2006, all authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication in one of the iOpenAccess journals will have the option to make their articles freely available via the Journal’s website for a one-off fee of $3100.
Peter Suber’s Comments: It doesn’t let authors retain copyright; it doesn’t waive the fees in case of economic hardship; it promises to „review“ (but not to reduce) subscription prices in light of the rate of author uptake. It will apparently charge its iOA fee even for authors who wish to self-archive (a retreat from its previous no-fee green policy); and it will apparently even charge authors for the right to comply with a previous contract with their funding agency to deposit their postprint in an OA repository. Finally, the fee is one of the highest in the industry.