Help AMA to digitize back files!

The American Medical Association is preparing to digitize the back files of JAMA & Archives to make them available to the library community. We are trying to locate complete back runs to the print journals so that we can send them to our vendor for scanning. Please note that these journals will be destroyed in the production process so we will not be able to return them to you. If you are able to send us a complete back run of any of our print journals we will provide you with one complimentary site license, for one year, for your institution as well as free perpetual access to the back files. We are looking for the complete runs of the following journals:

JAMA 1883-1997

Archives of Dermatology 1920-1997

Archives of Family Medicine 1992-1997

Archives of General Psychiatry 1919-1997

Archives of Internal Medicine 1908-1997

Archives of Neurology 1919-1997

Archives of Ophthalmology 1929-1997

Archives of Otolaryngology 1925-1997

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 1911-1997

Archives of Surgery 1920-1997

For shipping instructions or more information, please contact us