Librarians could right now …

Zitat des Tages. Mark Funk, Weill Cornell Medical Library, erklärt David Goodman, Palmer School of Library and Information Science, die (reale) Welt:

Goodman: Librarians could right now cancel their most expensive (and not cost-effective) subscriptions for 2007, regardless of tradition; they could then inform the provost that they would like to apply about half this money to help faculty pay author fees, and would she please distribute the money. (explaining that the other half will be used for long-standing library needs that he’s been asking her to fund for years, and will no longer have to ask.)

Funk: Most libraries cancelled their „expensive and not cost-effective“ journals years ago. There are no more „no-longer-necessary“ journals left to cancel. Cancelling titles nowadays means losing titles our users want and need. To use this money to then pay for „Open Choice“ publishing is like robbing five or six Peters to pay one Paul. (Fettdruck durch mich)