WIPO-Vertragsentwurf gegen freie Internetnutzung

Komisch, dass ich hierüber nichts in deutschen Medien gelesen habe, denn wenn dieser von den UN und der EU unterstützte Treaty for the Protection of the Rights of Broadcasting, Cablecasting and Webcasting Organizations (doc) der WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Wirklichkeit wird, dann ist die Änderung des Urheberrechts in Deutschland nur ein laues Lüftchen gegen die Einschränkungen, die dann auf uns zukommen werden. weitere Infos

Wherever the treaty applies, authors and copyright-holders could not authorize OA on their own. They would need the permission of the webcasting ISP (Internet Service Provider), for which it might charge a fee. The internet would no longer be a medium in which the intent to give away content could easily and unilaterally be matched with the deed. Middlemen who want to make money could trump the decisions of authors who want to offer free access to their work. Of course these middlemen are already being paid twice over for their webcasts by uploaders and downloaders. The webcast right would last for 50 years, and the clock would start over whenever the content was re-posted online. Fair use would not apply. The treaty’s main proponents are all based in the U.S.: Yahoo, Fox, the National Academy of Broadcasters, and the U.S. Government. But if WIPO adopts it, it will apply worldwide. [via SOAN]