Peer-review doch keine Religion

Lisa Dittrich von der Association of American Medical Colleges wehrt sich gegen die Unterstellung, Peer-review sei Religion und alle Beteiligen reine Egoisten.

So many of these discussions–about publishers (esp. publishers!!), peer-reviewers, etc.–seem to operate on the assumption that we’re all out to take advantage of one another. Publishers are out there just dreaming up ways to gouge libraries and cheat authors. Peer reviewers are trying to steal work, or just help their friends. Authors are trying to publish fraudulent results. Of course, there are people doing that–many make the news. The rest of us plugging away day-to-day doing our best to publish our journals, responsibly review mss., and conduct and publish ethical research are, of course, rarely front-page news. [nette Diskussion zur Zeit über „The Religion of Peer-review“ in liblicense]