Web 2.0 is out: Upgrade to Library 2.0 !

Web 2.0

Auch mal was über Web/Library 2.0 … will mich ja nicht der Ignoranz bezichtigen lassen :-). Zitat des Tages (P.Miller: Web 2.0: Building the New Library in Aridane 45, Okt. 2005):

Libraries should be seizing every opportunity to challenge these perceptions, and to push their genuinely valuable content, services and expertise out to places where people might stand to benefit from them; places where a user would rarely consider drawing upon a library for support.


Library 2.0 is an interesting concept and there is no reason that medical librarians can not jump on to the 2.0 train

… but …

not every library is ready to „upgrade“ to Library 2.0.

Krafty und Jessamyn West.