Elsevier will Beziehung zu Bibliotheken verbessern

Zitat des Tages vom (nicht mehr ganz so neuen) Director of library relations at Elsevier, Tony McSean:

There is a perception that authors deliver finely honed copy, and all we do is make a PDF and sit surrounded by bags of gold that librarians give us.

In: Mark Chillingworth, Elsevier seeks to build bridges, Information World Review, June 10, 2005 [via Open Access News, Peter Suber kommentiert: Librarians know that it’s one-sided to focus on slow-growing library budgets and ignore fast-growing journal prices. Librarians know that it’s one-sided to focus on Elsevier’s high costs and ignore Elsevier’s flabbergasting profits. My prediction is that Elsevier will not improve relations with librarians until it acknowledges what librarians know]