„The library is indeed doing its job“

Das folgende Paper untersucht die Nutzung elektronischer und gedruckter Ressourcen an 4 Academic Health Sciences Libraries in den USA: B.Franklin & T.Plum: „Library usage patterns in the electronic information environment“ In: Information Research, Vol. 9 No. 4, July 2004. Eine von mehreren interessanten Resultaten/Empfehlungen dieser Studie: Further, many libraries are re-inventing their library as a place to attract grant funded researchers and scientists into the library. It may be felt that the lack of researchers or grant-funded scientists physically present in the library is a result of dissatisfaction with or disinterest in library services. The data presented here support the notion that the library is indeed doing its job, and delivering resources electronically to its patrons, even though they do not come into the library. To reach funded researchers, the library should offer more electronic services in a virtual library, and not worry about their lack of attendance in the physical library. Aus dem Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog.