Springer’s „Open Choice“ als Mißerfolg geplant?

Ist das Open Choice Modell von Springer (gebloggt am 5.7.2004) derartig hochpreisig und unfreundlich gestaltet worden, nur um den Mißerfolg von Autorengebühren und damit von Open Access zu „beweisen“? Aus dem Sept. 2004-Heft (Seite 7) von Cites & Insights: One rival says Springer’s plan represents little more than a ‚public relations initiative.‘ It is an accusation Mr. Haank [CEO von Springer] would likely deny, although he does appear to relish the challenge he is presenting to some academics to put their money where their protest are. „Let’s see how serious they really are…we expect that not more than 10 percent will be interested in this option,“ he says. As Suber notes, „Haank sounds as if his plan is designed more to generate low uptake, and ground a rebuke to OA advocates, than to test the waters in good faith.“ Sure sounds that way to this interested observer.