Cell Press announces free access to archive

In accordance with the Washington Principles, Cell Press is pleased to announce that access to the recent online archive of Cell and the other premier journals of the Cell Press collection will become freely available beginning in January 2005. The recent archive of these journals includes content that is 12 months old or older and dating back to content from 1995. Each month as new issues are published, the year old issues will be added to the freely accessible recent archive.

Das waren die guten Neuigkeiten und hier kommen die nicht-so-guten: The archive from 1994 and earlier is available for a one time purchase [Cell Press Backfiles on ScienceDirect]. This material consists of the following journals:

  • Cell 1974-1994
  • Neuron 1988-1994
  • Immunity 1994
  • Current Biology 1990-1994
  • Structure 1993-1994
  • Chemistry & Biology 1994

This material is only available as a bundle and has only recently been created by scanning hard copies of the journals and extracting the metadata for each article. As you may imagine, this was not an inexpensive exercise and is priced differently from the standard ScienceDirect approach of 2.5% of the price of the printed volume. Keith Wollman, personal communication. Ja, der Preis, der Preis! 1€ pro Artikel ist mir dann doch zu teuer…

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