Use of mobile devices in medical libraries and medical schools


The new issue of JEAHIL is featuring the Use of mobile devices in medical libraries and medical schools. Alltogether 14 projects are listed troughout Europe.


Mobile devices change the way medicine is taught, learned and practiced. That’s a great challenge for libraries Obst O, p 4

Feature articles

Enhancement or replacement? Understanding how legitimised use of mobile learning resources is shaping how healthcare students are learning Fuller R Joynes V, p 7

Mobile technologies and medical education at Heidelberg University Library Gehrlein S, p 11

Design, development and implementation of a mobile learning strategy for undergraduate medical education Toro-Troconis M, Morton C, Bennie T, Leppington C, Hemani A, Lupton M, p 14

The Branch Library of Medicine Münster created a tablet toolbox for embedding mobile digital learning resources into the curriculum Obst O, p 21-22

Re-inventing the e-book: how tablets increased e-book take-up at Bern University Bissels G, p 23

From pilot to practice: iPads at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine Masalin T, p 27

What are the attitudes of F1 doctors in Prince Philip Hospital towards their use of the iDoc app? Bruch S, Paget T, p 32

Abandoning native apps to become future friendly, Jergefelt M, p 36

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