Opinion: How much work can you do on an iPhone?

Dieser Beitrag beschreibt einen – mutigen? – Selbstversuch von Galen Gruman in InfoWorld:

It’s hard not to look at an iPhone and wonder whether you could chuck your laptop and use it to do all your work instead. After all, it offers e-mail, always-on Web access, and an ever increasing roster of applications, many of which have business use in mind. Add in the fact that laptops are awkward to carry to meetings, and that their batteries never last as long as the work you need to do, and the appeal of replacing a laptop with an iPhone becomes readily apparent. So in the spirit of finding out how far you can you go relying exclusively on an iPhone for work, I decided to spend a month using an iPhone 3G in place of my laptop wherever possible.

Er kommt zu dem – auch für mich gültigen – Schluß (wenn ich mal gerade nichts zu editieren habe):

Give your laptop a rest. The iPhone comes very close to being a laptop replacement for many basic business and field-service uses. […] You can’t do intensive work on it, such as writing proposals, creating budgets, managing production schedules, creating graphics, or developing apps, of course. But the iPhone can handle a lot of routine business tasks that let you put down your laptop for several hours at a stretch. It’s become part of my daily toolkit, one I enjoy using.

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