Science Online London 2009

Science Online London 2009, August 22, 2009 at the „Royal Institution of Great Britain“, ist die Nachfolgeveranstaltung zu der heftig von mir gebloggten und ganz erfolgreichen Science Blogging 2008-Veranstaltung.

The Web is rapidly changing the communication, practice and culture of science. Science online London 2009 will explore the latest trends in science online. How is the Web affecting the work of researchers, science communicators, journalists, librarians, educators, students? What can you do to make the best use of the growing number of online tools? This is the follow-up conference to last year's Science Blogging 2008: London conference. The name of the event was changed to reflect the variety of science-related activities happening online today. Topics include blogging and microblogging, online communities, open access and open data, new teaching and research tools, author identifiers and measuring the impact of research.

Und es gibt auch schon einen Twitter-Stream und eine Friendfeed-Gruppe dazu.

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