Weltwirtschaftskrise? Rockefeller University Press friert Preise ein

Aus liblicense-l:

The Rockefeller University Press, which publishes the Journal of Cell Biology, the Journal of Experimental Medicine, and the Journal of General Physiology, will freeze all subscription prices for 2010 at current 2009 rates. Online subscription prices for consortia and multi-site organizations will also remain the same if the number of site-equivalents is unchanged from 2009 to 2010.

Das ist doch mal ein Anfang! Eine erste Auswirkung der Aufrufe angesichts der Weltwirtschaftskrise? Kennt jemand noch andere Verleger, die – uU aus Rücksicht auf die WWKII und stramme Bibliotheksetats – ihre Preise einfrieren?

Karen Albert / MLA’s Scholarly Communications Committee sammelt jetzt auch

  • American Anthropological Association Freezes Journal Subscription Dues (via liblicense-l)
  • American Mathematical Society (Albert)
  • The American Physiological Society has a special early summer incentive that lasts through the end of this month (July) that enables subscribers to renew for 2010 at 2009 prices.
  • Annals of Internal Medicine (Albert)
  • ASM Journals Announce Online Price Freeze for 2010 Subscription Year (0% für online, 4% für print): ASM understands the unique budget constraints that will frame librarians‘ decisions this year. Our 2010 pricing is a direct response to the academic library community’s request to publishers for restraint in today’s economic environment.
  • Annual Reviews (+0%)
  • Brill, Leiden (Albert)
  • Company of Biologists: 0% increase in subscription rates reflects our commitment to the community we serve in these difficult financial times
  • European Endocrinology Societies (Albert)
  • Guilford Publications (Albert)
  • National Academy of Sciences – PNAS (Albert)
  • now publishers (Albert)
  • OECD (Info)
  • Rockefeller University Press (+0%)
  • SPIE Digital Library (10% price rollback)
  • Taylor & Francis (bis 6.4.2009: +1,2,3%): Taylor & Francis recognises the pressures that library customers are facing in the current economic climate.
  • Oxford University Press gibt individuelle „Rabatte“: Now more than ever, publishers feel they must walk a fine line. „We want to make sure we’re not undervaluing our product, but we don’t want to be seen as harsh,“ Mr. Price explained. „We’re trying to be mindful of tough times.“ He has heard from colleagues in the business that some publishers are likely to hold prices flat in response to the economic downturn, or even lower their prices. Mr. Price expects this summer to be „a very telling time,“ because that’s when the press processes a lot of its online subscriptions. For now, Oxford tries to deal with financially pinched customers case by case. „If somebody comes to me and says, ‚This is my situation,‘ sure, we’ll try to accommodate them,“ Mr. Price said.
  • OUP: No increase in the online-only price between 2009 and 2010 for the majority of our journals. (via liblicense-l)
  • Thieme
  • World Bank Publications (Albert)

(Dank an BC Kämper)