Medpedia is now live

Ich hatte mich ja Mitte des Jahres aus Neugier mal dort beworben und bin nun tatsächlich ein „approved member“, weiß aber gar nicht, welche tollen Artikel ich jetzt dort schreiben soll 😯

The Medpedia Project (gebloggt 24.7.08) website is now live, and you are an approved member of the community. You have a profile and can use it to connect with other medical professionals. You should send invitations to any trusted colleague or former classmate who works in the health and medical fields. The network is also being used by medical organizations around the world to network and share information. Only physicians and Ph.D.s in a biomedical field are allowed to make edits directly to Medpedia. However, everyone is encouraged to contribute to the Article pages by using the „Suggest Changes“ link at the top of each Article page.