Springer will make a lot of money by publishing open access

Michael Eisen paraphrasiert Derk Haank, (als Springer-CEO neuer Besitzer von BioMed Central:

We make a lot of money selling subscriptions to our journals. We’re not just going to stop. But if the scientific community wants open access and can prove it is good business, we will [change] gears and embrace open access publishing. And we’ll make a lot of money publishing open access journals.

und kommentiert selber:

a major psychological obstacle for authors has been overcome, and I expect we’ll see more and more commercial and non-profit publishers move towards open access in the near future.

Und Revere kommt zu dem Schluß (Fettdruck durch mich):

The part I worry about is that we will see a continuous increase in the processing fees, just as we have seen rapacious scientific publishers increase subscription costs to levels that made it unaffordable for libraries to subscribe….If we get to the point where reading is free but it is too expensive to write, we won’t be better off….

Thanks to Peter Suber.