Vom PDA zum iPhone: Anwendungen und Meinungen

In MAKING THE SWITCH: A Physician’s Experience Replacing the PalmOS with the iPhone 3G erklärt der Pädiater Eric, wie ihm der Übergang vom PDA zum iPhone bekommen ist (Fettdruck durch mich):

Many programs are clearly still missing. The most glaring absence is medical references such as 5-minute Clinical Consult or the handbooks of pediatrics. […] For medical reference, I have been going online using Safari to search sites like eMedicine. Although it is nice to have the option of going online without the need for Wi-Fi, it is unreliable. Some parts of my hospital have poor 3G (or even any cell phone) coverage, making the search slow. [Die UMTS-Abdeckung dürfte in Deutschland besser sein] Additionally, heavy use of the Internet results in very fast drainage of the iPhone battery, which is quickly drained even without online usage.

My overall experience switching to the iPhone has been positive. I am very encouraged that more medical programs are being released (see recent releases of Mediquations and iSilo), and I look forward to the reference companies like Skyscape and Lexi-Comp releasing LOCAL applications for the iPhone. […] The major downside to the iPhone is its poor battery life. […] Overall, however, the advantage of being able to get online, access any reference material you want and have an all-in-one PDA/phone is one that I would not trade. My pockets are lighter and my scrubs stay up!

Meinungen von Ärzten

Medizinische Programme für das iPhone:

Allgemein hilfreiche Programme für den Mediziner:

to be updated …

PS: In Zukunft werden Sie in medinfo häufiger vom iPhone lesen, denn ich habe mir auch eins zulegen müssen – schweren Herzens 😉 , um nicht von wichtigen Entwicklungen im Millenials-Bibliothekswesen abgehängt zu werden…

PPS: Das iPhone speichert ein bißchen zuviel an persönlichen Infos

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