MedPedia vs. UpTodate

Ich hatte ja schon auf die neue Konkurrenz für etablierte Verlagsprodukte wie Enzyklopädien, Point-of-Care-Information, FirstConsult, etc. hingewiesen. Hier ein netter Kommentar zu UpToDate vs. MedPedia von Roy Hatch, McGlannan Library, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore (Fettdruck durch mich):

I wonder if this explains the recent hard sell tactics of Up To Date? Up To Date knows they are the 800 lb gorilla but Medpedia has the potential to be an elephant. Skeptical of Medpedia? You should be. But there’s a whole generation of med students heading our way who only want a high speed wireless connection between the internet and their frontal lobes. Trust me, I’m a website? Yes, they do. And if it says evidence-based in the title then you know it’s good.