Myths and TRUTHS About Library Services

Sollte jeder lesen, nicht nur Krankenhausbibliothekare. Exzellente Erwiderungen mit Quellenangaben, jetzt auch in Italienisch.

Myth: Quality of Patient Care is Unaffected by Library Services
Myth: Most Patients Value their Doctor’s Opinion over other Sources of Information
Myth: Everything is available for Free on the Internet
Myth: The Internet is a Highly Reliable Source of Information
Myth: Google Scholar Is an All Encompassing Database
Myth: Today’s Health Care Professionals are Savvy Information Seekers
Myth: Physicians and nurses can quickly find the same information as a librarian
Myth: Technology has replaced librarians
Myth: Money will be saved if there is no physical collection
Myth: Electronic resources require no on-site administration
Myth: Electronic resources can be managed easily by IT departments
Myth: Database purchases cost the same with or without a librarian
Myth: One database can supply all needed journal articles
Myth: Evidence-based medicine can be practiced with point-of-care software
Myth: Libraries and librarians are not essential for evidence-based medicine
Myth: There are no regulations regarding library services
Myth: Libraries are a luxury only a few hospitals can afford
Myth: Closing the library will save money
Myth: You can use other libraries if you close your library
Myth: Consolidating library services into a central library is cost effective
Myth: Outsourcing library services saves money
Myth: Anyone can buy journals for a print collection
Myth: Anyone can buy books for a library collection