NIH Victory: Was bringt es mit sich?

Aus Peter Suber:

  • Open access to publicly-funded research starts to become the norm (Glyn Moody)
  • All fulltext derived from NIH work will be available on PubMed (Peter Murray-Rust)
  • Text-mining (by journal-eating-robot OSCAR) will, in itself, uncover new science (Peter Murray-Rust)
  • It will also have a knock-on effect around the world (Glyn Moody)

Und wer hat uns dabei am Meisten geholfen?

I’d also like to thank the biomedical publishing industry. This could never have happened without the transformation of a cottage industry into short-sighted publicly traded corporations dedicated to maximizing near term revenue. Publishers pushed journal subscription and archive access prices to stratospheric levels, knowing their subscribers had no real options. It was a great short term strategy… (John Gordon)