STM, Börsenverein and Subito Agree on Doc Del Framework

Zur Meldung von Herrn Korwitz: Teilte gestern Janice Kuta von STM in liblicense mit:

In December 2007, after extensive negotiations, representatives of Subito e.V., a Berlin-based consortium of scientific libraries in German-speaking countries, and representatives of various international and German STM publishers have endorsed the text of a framework agreement concerning the delivery of scientific documents within German-speaking countries.

The terms of the agreement permit the member libraries of the Subito consortium to reproduce and electronically deliver any
article requested by students, private persons or business within Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. This agreement
complements the so-called international framework agreement between various STM publishers and Subito e.V. concluded in July
2006. . The framework has been agreed on the basis of the new German Copyright Act entering into force in January 2008.