Time for contemplation … and the beauty that is inherent in all things

T.Scott weist uns auf einen Vortrag von David M. Levy über Information Overload hin:

Levy suggests that what we’ve witnessed since then are several peaks of information overload, each accompanied by technological solutions that promised to provide us with a greater ability to manage that overload, but which inevitably ended up exacerbating it. And he thinks that we’re at that point again, as we suffer under the vast weight of email (which we allow to interrupt us continuously, as if the most important thing at any moment is the random email message that has just landed in our inbox), and the overwhelming variety of information sources that flow over us continuously. What we have lost in all of this is time for contemplation, time to think. And he believes that turning to technology to provide us a solution is the wrong strategy. We need to correct the balance by changing the way that we do things and the way that we respond to the world around us. To the assembled publishers he said we need to publish less — which requires changing the academic reward structure to privilege quality over quantity.

(Fettdruck durch mich)