Exploring the faculty blogoverse

Genial und ‚Must read‘! D.Murry, S.Bell: Exploring the faculty blogoverse. C&RL News (2007) 68(9):576-9

One thing that surprises us is how few academic librarian bloggers ever mention posts written by faculty. It’s almost as if an invisible barrier separated our two blogoverses. Yet we have a surprising number of issues in common. It seems we should be cross-referencing posts more frequently. Before that can happen, academic librarians need to start paying more attention to faculty blogs. Here are some reasons why they should:
1. to gain insight into issues of concern to faculty members;
2. to better understand faculty perspectives on issues related to the disciplines and higher education;
3. to improve collection development efforts by identifying new and forthcoming publications of interest to faculty;
4. to identify faculty with similar interests to their own;
5. to learn more about the latest trends in pedagogy as practiced by faculty;
6. to expose oneself to what faculty will say about students, administrators, and other faculty; and
7. to potentially foster contact with their own faculty.