Biomedbiblog auf Spuren von Medinfo?

Unsere niederländischen Kollegen überlegen, nach der letzten Ausgabe von Biomeditaties einige kommunikative Aufgaben in den Weblog Biomedbiblog zu verlegen (wie die AGMB dies mit medinfo gemacht hatte). Wir wünschen viel Erfolg! Nach unserer Erfahrung hängt es von den Autoren und deren Engagement ab.

Google’s English: During the BMI ALV on November 15, 2007 in Ede discussed the future and the life of this blog. During the last few months, the number of posts and the number of visitors has declined drastically. That raises the obvious question: Should we stop or continue Biomedbiblog? Soon, the latest issue of Biomeditaties. In connection therewith would Biomedbiblog the place to be able to BMI publications and communications, so the content and the number of readers are expected to increase again. The next six months is therefore regarded as a trial period for this new function. At the general meeting at the BMI Spring 2008 will take a decision be taken. Sjors Clemens of the Medical Library, St Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg, is prepared to manage the weblog published by Dymphie van der Heijden. French Mast