final post of

Nachdem Chimato nicht mehr in einer Medizinbibliothek arbeitet, hat nun auch Chase die Brocken hingeschmissen – er hat zuviel zu tun.

A thing begins, has its moment, and a thing ends. My contribution to ends with this post. If any enthusiastic, dedicated medical information professional is interested in taking hold of the wheel, as it were, let me know. If not, perhaps in the future the domain name will be chosen again and there will be a new

I am enriched by having had the opportunity to become a part of the med lib blog community, and am particularly grateful for the camaraderie of Mary Carmen Chimato. More than creator and co-author of, Mary was its heart, and a dedicated mentor to me during my first year in the profession.

My reason for saying goodbye: work has never been so exciting or demanding as it has recently become, and I simply don’t have time to blog with the level of enthusiasm and commitment that I would like. It’s been a good run. I’ve learned a lot, contributed some, and continue to value the community of other med lib bloggers.