British Dental Association / journal price increases

Wie Herr Kämper in liblicense berichtet, haben die – manchmal – unsäglich profitorientierten Tier-Modelle (FTE-based pricing) nun auch auf die British Dental Association übergegriffen. Nun ja, wer bei Nature Publishing Press herausgeben läßt, weiß warum …

I would like to alert you that the British Dental Association which publishes her journals with NPG, has decided to separate print and online access from 2007 on. Until now, for the British Dental Journal, print included online access for GBP 515, e-only was available for GBP 453. Site License Pricing was independent of FTE.

For academic institutions, In 2006, print will cost GBP 535, e-only in the lowest tier (1-499 Sciences FTE) is the same, while 15%, 30%, 45% and 50% have to be added for tiers 2 (500-1,999), 3 (2,000-5,000), 4 (5,001-10,000) and 5 (10,000+). There is no print discount for institutions taking a site license. Most institutions previously had a combined subscription. This means that institutions which continue to subscribe to the print edition only, will see a price increase of approx. 4%, while institutions that continue print and add a site license see a price increase of 108% … 160%, while institutions that switch to e-only will still see price increases of 4% … 56% (for previous e-only subscribers 18% … 77%).

The same is true for Evidence based dentistry and the magazine Vital, except that in the latter case the new base price for print or online is the same as the 2006 combi price. All this is true only for direct access through NPG. Your mileage may vary if you stay with your favorite aggregator.

Another price increase (20%) that will be of little surprise to the community is seen for Cell Research the leading Chinese Life Sciences Journal that became part of the NPG portfolio in 2006.