Volltextdatenbanken: Pro Titel bis zu 40-mal teurer

Thomas P Carter , Anne O Carter and Gwendolyn Broomes: Purchasing online journal access for a hospital medical library: how to identify value in commercially available products in Biomedical Digital Libraries 2006, 3:8. Auszug:
Three reference standards were chosen to represent the ideal list of core publications for a broad range of medical care: Brandon/Hill selected list of journals for the small medical library and the academic medical library core journal collection chosen for the Florida State University College of Medicine Medical Library (das sind für mich nur zwei). Six commercially available collections were compared to the reference standards and to the current paper journal subscription list as regards to number of journals matched and cost per journal matched. Ease of use and presence of secondary sources were also considered. Results: The cost per journal matched ranged from US$ 81 to $3194. (Fettdruck durch mich)