One Entry to Research – critical assessment of Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar

Lars Iselid, Medical Library, Umeå University library, Sweden, schreibt in der Liste EAHIL-L: This blog was set up (January 2006) with purpose to make critical assessment of the multidisciplinary citation databases Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar. The assessment is done according to a Swedish BIBSAM-project with the project title:“Analys av Google Scholar och Scopus i jämförelse med Web of Science“ [Analysis of Google Scholar and Scopus in comparison with Web of Science]. The use of a blog is a method to document the assessments within the project and the way we try to get input from readers through blog commentaires. The main purpose of the blog is not to be a working diary of the project or a news announcements blog, but more of a documentation blog. The blog contains not only blog entries, but also these documentation pages:
– FAQ – Google Scholar
– FAQ – Scopus
– FAQ – Web of Science
– References to literature

The documentation material will be used as a knowledge base for making more well-founded acquisitioning decisions within the Swedish libraries community concerning the fee databases Scopus and Web of Science, but also decisions concerning complement or single use of the free search engine Google Scholar. The project manager is Lars Iselid, Medical library, Umeå University library, Sweden. The blog posts and the documentation webpages will be updated in January, February, March, June and August. The project ends in August 30th.

The project manager also has a reference group of five Swedish research librarians to consult and cooperate with. The reference group are: Linda Lindström, Chalmers Library in Gothenburg, Peter Nilén, Malmö University library, Wilhelm Widmark, Stockholm University library and Anna Orre-Remaker, Karlstad University library.