Google Medicine und Open Access

google medicine

Dean Giustini, Auskunftsbibliothekar in der Krankenhausbibliothek Vancouver der University of British Columbia und Google Scholar Blogger, entwickelt in Google Medicine and open access (OA): teamplayers in knowledge-based healthcare seine im BMJ 2005;331:1487-1488 (24 December) vorgetragene Idee How Google is changing Medicine weiter. Zitat des Tages:

If physicians hope to practice medicine in the information age, they must learn how to search for themselves. The days when librarians did doctors’ searching for them are lost in the mists of time. [und weiter] A considerable amount of it [the content indexed by Google] is „locked away“ in subscription-only commercial databases. This evidence-based “synthesized” content is only available to the privileged few who can afford to access it. ACP Pier, Best Evidence, DynaMed and UpToDate are but a few examples. Such elitism is inimical to the advancement of human health, and true evidence based practice.

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