Essen und Trinken in der Bibliothek?

Schon mal vormerken als nächste Frage, die hier zur Abstimmung gestellt wird: „Erlauben Sie Essen und Trinken in der Bibliothek?“ (Ich erwarte Ihr Hauen und Stechen 😉 )
Welch Library Food & Drink Policy: You CAN take it with you: Welch now permits users to move around the library and the library’s satellites such as the Lilienfeld, with their food and drink just as they do with their laptops in the library’s wireless environment. Food and drink will be permitted not only in the lobby but also in the stacks, study areas, and reading rooms of the library. The third floor of the Welch building, home to the History of Medicine’s Historical Collection, will be the only off-bounds area for food and beverages. The library simply asks visitors to practice basic courtesies such as using covers for drinks, disposing of leftovers, empty containers and wrappers in the appropriate receptacles, not arranging for food to be delivered to the library, and limiting their beverages to the temperance variety – non-alcoholic. Bon appetit!

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