Journal of Hospital Librarianship: Editor gesucht

The Journal of Hospital Librarianship is looking for a co-editor for the International Libraries column. Grace Ajuwon, MLA’s Cunningham Fellow in 2004 (from Nigeria) is the incoming editor. Both she and I would like to find at least one co-editor to work with Grace on this column. It would be especially good if the applicants are from different countries. That way we can be assured that the column is truly international in scope. Ideally, the applicants will be hospital librarians, but that is not carved in stone. The important thing is that the ideas and projects presented in the column are applicable to hospital librarianship. Depending on the number and experience of the applicants, we will make the decision about how many editors there will be. If we have 2 editors, each one will be responsible for only 2 columns per year. If there are four, each will be responsible for 1 column. If you like to write and have a lot of colleagues you can tap to write articles for you, please consider applying for this position. You can contact me at the address below. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Carole Gilbert, Editor [via MLAICS-L]