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Microsoft kauft FAST?

Peter Suber betitelt dies mit: Microsoft und Elsevier werden Partner, aber FAST ist natürlich mehr als Elsevier, auch Bibliotheken setzen diese Suchmaschinentechnologie ein. Pressemeldung

Science and Nature are not accepting submissions created by Microsoft Word 2007

[Thanks to Peter Suber] Science and Nature are not accepting submissions created by Microsoft Word 2007.  (Thanks to Rob Weir via Slashdot.)  From Science’s instructions for Word users: Because of changes Microsoft has made in its recent Word release that are…

UKSG puts on a fine conference

[Thanks T.Scott] I confess to having been somewhat puzzled at the lineup for the opening session of the UKSG annual conference.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing up there along with Microsoft’s "Director of Publishing Evangelism" (Cliff Guren)…