Call for JMLA Papers: History of the Health Sciences

The Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) is seeking
papers to include in a January 2011 focus issue devoted to the history
of the health sciences. Papers must meet
guidelines for submission to JMLA. Deadline for all submissions is
June 7, 2010. The following topical themes are deemed appropriate:
history of medical libraries and/or librarianship; history of the
book, printing, reading as it relates to the health sciences, and
medical bibliography; history of special collections in health care
professions (e.g., nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine);
or articles related to the professional concerns of librarians in
managing historical collections (innovations, outreach, best
practices). Those interested should send manuscripts in MS Word or MS
Wordcompatible format as email attachments to the issue organizer,
( Michael A.