Survey: Librarians with a Health Sciences Degree

Und noch eine Umfrage! Diesmal von Rebecca Raszewski, MS, Assistant Information Services Librarian
University of Illinois at Chicago, Email: [via Bruce Madge]

I am writing to invite all librarians who have a health sciences degree to participate in a survey. The degrees include the following fields:

* Allied Health
* Behavioral Sciences
* Dentistry
* Life Sciences
* Medicine
* Nursing
* Occupational & Physical Therapy
* Pharmacy
* Public Health

I am interested in learning about the following things:

* health sciences professionals‘ former career
* how they feel about working as a librarian
* if they feel their health sciences background is advantageous in their current position.

Please go to the website below to take part in the survey:

The survey will take about fifteen minutes of your time. No personal information will be collected, nor will any institution be identified in the results. I plan to share the results through publication and/or presentation. Your participation in the survey provides implied consent.

The project has been approved by University of Illinois at Chicago. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the survey.