Marketing library services

Interessantes, längeres Summary von Richard Bridgen in lis-medical. Einige Ideen:

  • “road show” slots in the staff canteen. We take over a display board showing information about our services, and a selection of books from stock, also promotional things like pens, pencils and sweets always go down well
  • Can you e-mail all current library registered users and promise them a free ILL if they bring along a colleague who has yet to join the library to an open day or training session ?
  • nothing beats word of mouth. talk to groups as often as you can. Offer to take 10 mins of a meeting with a high-speed ‚what we’ve got‘ info spiel.
  • If someone asks you to do a talk on how to search Google effectively, grit your teeth & do it
  • One of the things we did within trust several years ago was a series of ’10 minute training‘ slots in the use of the child health SL, at the users own desk – which was part of the old health libraries week. I think we did about 30 or so in a week, which seemed to be quite well received.
  • It’s the holy grail of library services everywhere… Down here in the south-east, we had a joint 2-day residential marketing conference in late 2005 and were all fired up to get out there and haul the readers in. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. One of the main messages our facilitator wanted to convey was that it’s a slow process. The marketing people say that it takes 7 touches to make a sale. It won’t be quick and easy, so it’s best to go in with your expectations at the right sort of level.
  • and asking what else would be useful when I had an appointment with my own GP – how shameless is that?!
  • One of the things we did here at Worthing was a survey of non-users. We used it partly to promote the service to all staff, users and non-users alike and partly to try and establish why staff didn’t use the Library. […] Having said that I can’t really say it increased our membership by a colossal amount…!! But at least we made people aware that we were here when they needed us, and I think that is the point with all this marketing issue (Fettdruck durch mich).
  • Make sure the library is part of the corporate induction + on the induction schedule for when new doctors rotate through
  • Themed morning or afternoon teas – eg. arrange one for the dietitians – have healthy, & a bit of not so healthy food, & give them a talk on what the library can do for them
  • See if you can get a 10 minute slot during the ward handover & give a very brief plug on how library can help them – make certain it is very relevant to the particular ward eg. if it is a palliative care ward speak specifically on resources for palliative care
  • I managed hospital libraries in Australia & always found that staff were much more receptive & responsive if you selectively targeted your promotion, rather than tried to be fairly general about it. The same worked for any community staff served by the library – although this usually meant I had to do site visits (but then it’s always nice to get out and about).

Letzeres hat sich auch bei unserem kürzlichen „Roadshow-Trip“ durch die Kliniken sehr bewährt.