JEAHIL – Neue Ausgabe, verbesserte Gestaltung

The latest issue of JEAHIL is online.

Letter from the editor – Sally Wood-Lamont 2

Theme Issue. Medical terminologies: access to knowledge

NLM Italian MeSH translation: revision and expansion A. Ceccarini, M. A. Falcone, P. Ferrari 3
FinMeSH and Metathesaurus Rex L. Lodenius, I. Kunnamo and P. Nyberg 7
MeSH-PL: the Polish version of MeSH in catalogues J. Ciesla, M. Sieradzka-Fleituch, E. Bohatkiewicz 10
Optimizing and evaluating the MEDPILOT search engine W. Dzeyk, K. Markó 14
Italian Bioethics Thesaurus (TIB): towards standardization in biomedical terminology M. Della Seta, L. Leone, F. Napolitani, S. Pizzarelli, E. Poltronieri 20
11th European Conference of Medical and Health Libraries, Helsinki, Finland
– Highlights from the social programme 29
– Preliminary Continuing Education Courses 32

Hoidokki: validating the Finnish Thesaurus of Nursing Science K. Saranto, J. Saarti, K. Salmi, T. Turunen 28
Semantic Web applications in the biomedical field I. Robu 33

Internet Page. Take a look B. Thirion 43
WEB 2.0 O. Obst 45
News from EAHIL
Letter from the President S. Bakker 49
PHISIG – Helsinki calling! P. Pekkarinen, S. Thomas 50
News from PHING M. Wake, G. F. Miranda, N. Harris 51
Medical Library Association report for EAHIL B. Madge 52
Publications and new products G. F. Miranda 53
Forthcoming events G. F. Miranda 57
Nomination forms for EAHIL elections 59