Scholarships for EAHIL Workshop 2007

Die EAHIL-Präsidentin schreibt:

The EAHIL Executive Board is pleased to announce the availability of four Scholarships to be awarded to worthy individuals to attend the EAHIL Workshop in Krakow, Poland 12th – 15th September 2007. The scholarships will be 500 euros maximum.

Plus one additional Scholarship, worth up to 500 euros, to be awarded by PHING in conjunction with the EAHIL Board to a worthy applicant with an interest in medicines/pharmaceutical information provision.

Please indicate on the application whether you are applying for the general scholarship (4) or the PHING scholarship (1).

Applicants must apply in writing (by mail, fax or e-mail) well before May 31, 2007 to: EAHIL President: Suzanne Bakker Central Cancer Library The Netherlands Cancer Institute Plesmanlaan 121 NL-1066 CX AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS phone: +31 20
512 2597 fax: +31 20 512 2599 E-mail:

Please note applications will be judged on merit. Be sure to include a supporting statement giving the reasons why you think you deserve this Scholarship and how it would benefit you and your institution to attend the Workshop. The applications will be considered in confidence.