Krakow: Continuing Education Courses

The Krakow Workshop 2007 of the European Association for Health Information & Libraries comes – as usual – with an vast amount of excellent continuing education courses, including:

* Blankson-Hemans L.: Measuring Impact: Cost Justification for Information Services
* Booth A.: Using Evidence in Day to Day Practice: an EBLIP Update
* Hollis E., van Dieën R.: The Elephant Code. Presentation and Communication Techniques
* McKibbon A.: Statistics for the Statistically Challenged: A Primer for Understanding the Numbers and Statistics in Healthcare Research Reports
* Obst O., van den Brekel G.: Weblogs and Mashups Services
* Rump F.: „I didn’t Know that Exists“ – Internet Search Tools for the Biomedical Librarian
* Zafron M.L.: Making library Instruction Count: User Education Methods and Techniques
* Bassi C., Pistotti V.: Supporting the Evidence. Clinical Trials, Health Technology Assessment Reports, Practice Guidelines. Where to Find and How to Search Them
* Czabanowska K.: Qualitative Research Approaches in Information Science and in Library Setting
* van den Brekel G.: Make Your Own Library Toolbar

Deadline for early registration is May 31, 2007 (380 Euro, will be reduced further)