Vivisimo en PubMed

Thanks Dymphie:

Vivisimo timmert flink aan de weg op dit moment: National Library of Medicine Simplifies Public Access to Health Information with Vivísimo Search Platform.

Hun producten zijn: de demos' ClusterMed and BioMetaCluster,

„ClusterMed is a free demo that uses the Vivisimo Velocity Search Platform
to organize PubMed's extensive inventory of medical research articles
into dynamic categories that help users easily navigate search results. ClusterMed now allows users to search in a highly intuitive and personalized manner. The Velocity Clustering Engine
allows end users to view results organized, or clustered, by topic,
author, mesh headings and date. This resource helps regular Pubmed
users reduce research time, improve research effectiveness and quickly
view an overview on a new or peripheral research area. To view the
benefits of ClusterMed try the search query chicken pox, avian flu or baseball.“

„The BioMetaCluster demo „highlights Velocity's flexibility in creating data source
connectors. BioMetaCluster connects to multiple pharmaceutical and life
science specific databases, journals and websites both through
federation with Velocity's Content Integrator and through crawls with Velocity's Search Engine. Duplicate results are automatically removed and results are categorized through the Velocity Clustering Engine
into a single user interface. End-users also have the ability to save,
share and export results as well as set up alerts on topics, authors or
clusters of interest. All sources used in BioMetaCluster are publicly
available on the web.'

Hattip Resourceshelf en David Rothman