Blackwell: Publishers no longer negotiate but dictate prices

4 Universitätsbibliotheken aus Norwegen wehren sich gegen Blackwell’s Preispolitik: Joint statement:

This autumn Norwegian university libraries have attempted to reach an agreement on access to electronic journals from Blackwell Publishing. The negotiations have come to an end without a successful result.

Therefore from January 1, 2007 library patrons at the universities will no longer be able to access the 778 e-journals in Blackwell electronic portfolio. The reason for this is that the university libraries feel that Blackwell Publishing has stipulated unacceptable conditions and price increases.

“Blackwell has journals covering all universities disciplines, so this will affect all our users,” says library director Helge Salvesen of Tromsø University Library. Libraries experience that publishers no longer negotiate but dictate prices and access conditions. The university library directors are in unanimous agreement that this situation is no longer acceptable….

Journal prices exceed the general retail price index, and moderate increases in library budgets cannot close the gap….

The statement is signed by the library directors of the University of Trondheim, University of Tromsø, University of Oslo, and University of Bergen. [via OAN]